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How we are supporting you

We are an established medical supply wholesaler in North America. We have been supplying medical products such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes to hospitals and clinics. Due to the high demand caused by COVID -19, we have been receiving many requests from the general public to offer our product to retail customers. We do not have enough resource to allocate that however many volunteers in local communities are willing to offer their time for fulfillment and other jobs. So we decided to set up this online channel to offer some of  our medical supplies. Of course our wholesale customers which are mostly frontline medical staffs will be our first priority. As much as we can offer, there are limited stock for the public to purchase so that they can somehow protect themselves. We do not plan on making high margin on the products however shipping cost has sky rocketed due to limited flights, hence it reflects on the products. We will try to process your orders and deliver them in a fast and safe way. 

Furthermore, to show appreciation to our hardworking frontline workers, We would like offer some FREE personal protective equipments to them in America and Canada. Please contact us through email if you need them. I would like to ask anyone who care about our heros as much as we do to share this message so we can win this car with COVID- 19.

SafeMedKits is all about empowering and caring. Our online retail platform enables you to easily navigate, instantly interact, and securely conduct transactions, 24/7 via multiple devices.  Now, you have the flexibility to search for home medical equipment from the privacy of your home or work place using a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Searching by category or key words is easy, and so is adding items to the shopping cart to make payments with credit cards.

SafeMedKits has built a wide distribution network with warehouses across America, Canada and many countries in the world. We have partnered with brand name manufacturers in the healthcare industry to deliver best in class home medical products to your doorstep. We have established a knowledgeable customer service team to answer your inquiries via email at If you are a business and need large quantity of supplies, please email us with your request.